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The Burlington




Health and Wellness


We proudly provide respite care, podiatry care by Dr. Holly Sphon, memroy care and hospice care.

We are proud of our long term staff and management team.  Both facilities have management available seven days a week from 10AM to 6PM. Tours are also done daily at these same hours.  


We offer many social and recreational opportunities including movies, BBQ's, special and unique activities like Clown Day, Poke A Dot Day, Beach Day, Hat Day to just name a few.   Residents are involved in various community activites like the Womans Club, History Days, whiskey Flat Days, Parades. 



Our Staff


We take pride in our long term employments.  All staff form cooks to hourkeeping are trained in first aide, dementia care and hospitce management is on duty 7 days a week.  Tours and phone calls are accepted Monday, Thursday, and Sunday.  Each employee has a caring patient and compassionate attitude with each resident.  they work with their hearts.  All employees are involed in activities and interactions.  

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